The Corporate Affairs Division


The Corporate Affairs Division is responsible for ensuring that the Company is always kept in sync with its own regulations and the laws of the land. The office of the Division Manager Corporate Affairs also works in tandem with the office of the Managing Director especially when it comes to Board Meetings and General Meetings. It is also tasked with dealing with human resources affairs of the company as well as maintaining the members’ register.

Changes in staff

During the past year a number of changes have taken place. Mr. Wilson Mallya retired from his post as Division Manager Corporate Affairs; a post he served so diligently with outstanding results. In his place is Mr. Gift Joshua who has got the unenviable task of filling Mr. Mallya’s shoes.

On the same note, Mr. Sudi Mangara the former Managing Director also left his post and in his place is Ms Sarah Lyimo as acting Managing Director.

Ms. Janeth Mwegoha the former Manager Purchase and Supplies also left the company for family reasons whereas Mr. Cyprian Mtagwa the administrative officer will also retire towards the end of this year.

On the same note, a few recruitments transfers and promotions have been made to either bolster some departments or to fill up some vacant positions as shown:
1.    Mr. Elisha Yauleni-recruited as Branch Manager currently serving Tanga branch
2.    Mr. Francis Joseph-recruited as Acting Branch Manager currently serving Mbeya branch
3.    Mr. Pius Michael –recruited as Assistant Branch Manager currently serving Karatu branch
4.    Mr. Martin Chadulaga-promoted to sub-branch manager serving Mbozi
5.    Mr. Patson Kilamile was transferred to Njombe Branch
6.    Ms. Asha Nasibu was transferred to Moshi Branch
7.    Ms. Agnes Kirina-recruited as sales assistant currently serving Njombe branch
8.    Ms. Noela Samwel-recruited as Accounts assistant serving at the head office
9.    Ms. Mwanaidi Chaya-recruited as Accounts Assistant serving at the head office.

Notable events

The Annual General Meeting was held on the 27th July 2013 at the refurbished Arusha Shopping Center. The meeting was well attended with over four hundred members attending in person.

The managers’ meeting was also held in Morogoro on the 19th and 20th September 2013.


The Corporate Affairs Division still strives to provide top quality legal and corporate advice both to the board and the company at large to ensure full compliance with the law and corporate governance principles.