Corporate Affairs Division Annual Report

The Board and the FAR Committee have held all the meetings scheduled for the period. Their meetings for the first quarter were held in January with the FAR Committee meeting on 14th January 2010 and the Board on 16th January 2010. The meetings of the FAR Committee and the Board for the second quarter scheduled for 5th and 6th April 2010 respectively were moved forward to 5th and 6th May and were held in Morogoro so that directors could participate in the official opening of Morogoro Branch on 7th May 2010.

 The FAR Committee held a pre-AGM Meeting on 25th June 2010 and this meeting was followed by a meeting of the Board the following day and the AGM also on 26th June 2010. The AGM was very well attended with 260 members attending.

It is with regret and sympathy that we record that Mr. Wanganju our Managing Director lost his elder brother on 15th February 2010 while Mrs Kaaya of Arusha Branch lost her dear husband and a close friend of TFA- Mr. Somi H. Kaaya who was also brother in law to our Chairman – Mr. E.R.K Mshiu on 15th April 2010.

We again send our very sincere condolences and offer our prayers to the departed.

Following the retirement of Mr. J. Mlawishe at the end of December 2009, Mr. Edgar Kisite - BSc Agriculture (General) from Sokoine University was engaged and he has taken over as the manager in-charge of the Moshi branch.

With  the closure of the Tarakea Sub-branch the Sub-Branch Manager Mr. Ezekiel Riwa retired after a long and dedicated service to TFA. Ms. Mwajabu Mchomvu the Site Assistant also retired while Mr. Joseph Wazael the Sales Assistant was transferred to the new Morogoro Branch.

The opening of the Morogoro Branch has also resulted in some staff movements:

·        Mr Expery Msami was transferred from Arusha Branch to the position of Branch Manager Morogoro.

 ·        Ms. Eliasia Mosha was transferred from Arusha Branch to the position of Sales Assistant at Morogoro Branch.

 ·        Mr. Joseph Wazael was reassigned from Tarakea sub-branch to the position of Stock and Stores Assistant at Morogoro.

 ·        Recruitment from the open market was made for the position of Site Caretaker whereby Mr. Emmanuel P. Temu was engaged as from 24th May 2010.

Mr. Kusal Perera who has been seconded to TFA by VSA New Zealand joined us on 20th June 2010. He brings with him a rich knowledge and experience in marketing and should help TFA to move to the next plateau in sales growth while at the same time helping to fully implement our sales and marketing plans. Mr. Perera will be with us for the next two years during which he will among other things assist in targeting a wider market including large farms and impacting marketing skills across the Association. He will in due course be visiting all units and you are requested to help him help us.