Internal Audit Division Annual Report

 The Internal Audit department is on schedule in implementing the audit program for the financial year 2009/2010. Apart from implementing the audit plan the department has also carried out several other ad hoc assignments.

 The following units were audited in the period under review:

a)      Property Division (TFA Arusha Shopping Centre)

b)     Payroll and Money transfers

c)      Accounts Records

d)     Karatu Branch

e)      Mbozi Sub-Branch

f)       Tanga Branch

g)     Mafinga Sub-Branch

h)     Iringa Branch

i)      Purchasing and Supplies Department

j)      Regional Sales Managers Office (Southern Zone)


The Department is aiming to add value and improve cost control but at the same time move beyond the mind set of checking that books are in order and “instead require a relationship that emphasises collaboration, efficiency and effectiveness of the operations of the Organisation”. The Department will continue to propose what outcomes will help TFA operate more efficiently and effectively.