The Property Division - Annual Report

Property division has continued to be extremely potential profit generating unity to the association since when Shoprite & Checkers took possession in October 2002. Consequently, the division continued to develop more modern spaces for assorted commercial purposes such as Banks, shops, offices and restaurants in Arusha, and elsewhere TFA own landed assets.

TFA Arusha shopping centre, currently the largest Business Services centre in Arusha, with multitenant conducting assorted business is inspiring and one stop centre where a variety of services and amenities are available. The centre has adequate facilities to all users such as enough packing lots with full time security, paved and full time cleaned surroundings, enough water and power supplies with its backups.  

While generating income to the company through letting business premises, the management of TFA has a role to make sure high level of customer’s satisfaction .The division plan is to build more spaces for shops, offices and bank to absorb the whole market for real estate in Arusha and elsewhere in Tanzania.

The implementation of this plan gained pace 2011 when TFA inaugurate renovation of last Godown at its shopping centre in arusha to modern shops and offices. Our sight now is on bring another two trading center out of Arusha, therefore doors are open to any one who we may share this project for benefit and strength of both parts.

“TFA aims to bring all traders at one centre in all regions of Tanzania”

Commercial spaces

TFA built commercial premises in various sizes and for several uses (see sketches below, click to enlarge)

   First FloorGround Floor