Sales and Marketing Department Annual Report

The Sales and Marketing Department concentrated its efforts in the subsidy scheme and travelled extensively meeting Regional and District Officials and putting forward our case as a reliable supplier not only to the end users but also to the agro-dealers.

The total amount of funds released by the government under the subsidy scheme up to May 2010 was Tshs 85,500,000,000/= and our total sales under the scheme for the same period was Tshs 327,217,490 against a target of Tshs 8,850,000,000/=. We had thus targeted to capture 10% of the total subsidy available but managed only 0.0037%.

Needless to say we need to do a lot better under the scheme if we are to position ourselves as the major supplier of agricultural inputs in the country. Several reasons can be sighted for our unenviable performance for the present season most significantly:

·        Failure of our collaboration with Minjingu Mines and Fertilizer Ltd to generate the expected results.

·        Some District authorities denying TFA the opportunity to participate in the program for various reasons.

·        Shortage of maize seeds.

The department is critically examining this performance and planning for the next season. Most importantly all units need to register early and be on the look out for what is happening in their respective areas. Agro-dealers associations have been or will be formed in all districts and we should proactively participate in this process.